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A well-designed garden will add value to any home and provide an enormous amount of pleasure year after year. With classic or contemporary design styles and an ever-increasing variety of products to build and incorporate into a dream garden, it makes sense to make the most of precious outside space. Gardens are necessarily becoming more adaptable and important for relaxation and entertainment as well as perhaps to accommodate a work space or office. Gardens are increasingly considered to be an essential outside room. With clever and innovative design, the most can be made of any space to suit a variety of individual needs. Clients willingly invest to improve the interiors of their homes, but now it is more important than ever to ensure the outside is given at least as much consideration.



The first step in my approach with all my garden designs is to get a thorough understanding of the scope of the overall project. Of course, a walk-through of your garden is essential, exploring your wish list, likes and dislikes, as well as discussing time-frames and estimated budget. This enables me to draw up a design brief and design quotation.



Once the design contract and terms of service are agreed and signed, your garden, including all existing features, will be measured, with larger gardens typically requiring a topographical ordnance survey. A site analysis also determines current conditions and any factors that may affect a design and build; for example, soil type, drainage, aspect, access.



To help you visualize the design as it develops until we reach final approval, I will prepare a concept master plan and mood board presentation. Then for the really exciting bit and to give an impression of the finished design, I will follow this up with a planting plan to show suggested plants, with consideration to local soil, aspect, climate, year-round structure, seasonal colour, focal points and screening. The plan will also suggest plant locations, size and quantities.



With many years’ experience in garden design, I have a dependable network of high quality landscape contractors to introduce and invite to quote, unless you would prefer to engage your own. I will work with the chosen contractor and provide detailed drawings and specifications.



If I am to be retained to oversee the project, as opposed to providing the design only, I like to make regular site visits to monitor progress and ensure the design is implemented correctly and to the highest standards.



It is the planting that shows a garden off to its best potential, which is why I am so passionate about it. After many years visiting and working with trusted nurseries, I have a thorough knowledge of plant availability and sourcing. This knowledge and experience allows me to source not only the very the best examples, but often unusual and interesting specimens that are not generally available in retail garden centres.



The first spring and summer after a garden has been completed is surely one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences, and one which continues to give more, year after year. This will require some commitment to maintenance and a detailed maintenance schedule and advice on the on-going care of the garden as the garden matures will naturally be provided.

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