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A barrage of continuous weeds from neighbouring gardens plagued this space. The owner wanted to permanently address this issue by creating a low maintenance garden. The plan was to lay a weed control landscape membrane underneath an expansive wooden deck, with numerous isolated planting areas.

To unify the garden, new boundary fencing was installed. To add interest, the fencing was painted grey and the decking painted a handsome summery blue.

The planting palette was simple and minimalist, with libertia peregrinands standing like a fiery ribbon in one planting pit, liriope big blue under planted the taller multi stemmed photinia and mature apple trees. Dressing the garden, were a selection of strategically placed pots to provide focal points and further greenery.

Towards the bottom of the garden, a large wooden dining hut was built, with a bespoke glass covered table and wooden seating that doubled up as storage. The overall look and feel of the garden evokes an upbeat feeling with a beach vibe.

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