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This beautiful restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia required seasonal planting for the outside space, ingenious selection and positioning for low light level interior houseplants together with a year round maintenance schedule.

Percy & Founders was challenged with its outside space that was entirely shaded. This necessitated container planting that was seasonal as well as low growing to allow light under the building canopy and also so as not to cause a nuisance to the clientele seated next to the planters. This was achieved with a careful selection of evergreen shrubs, flowering perennials, flowing grasses, lush ferns and bulbs, all providing a rich tapestry to enjoy.

I also engaged with Percy & Founders on a fun promotional project to completely revamp both the inside and outside for Wimbledon, with a purple, white and green colour scheme. Inside walls were clad with dried moss and some leased large trees were added to enhance the ‘outside-in’ effect.

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