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In this good sized garden in Gerrard’s Cross, the owner expressed a stylish ‘less is more’ mantra. The garden was designed with simplicity as well as functionality.

Dominated by an existing and substantial 22 metre high boundary hedge, which was to be retained, the design was also to incorporate a historic oak and beech tree, both with TPO’s, resulting in a shady garden throughout the day. Nonetheless, the garden presented tremendous design opportunities, not least because it was a fairly blank canvas, due in part to a new large extension to the house that was recently added.

Careful planning ensured that the absolute most was made of the precious sunlight at all times of the day. A new interchangeable millboard decked area was constructed on one side of the house that was formerly not used at all, while a second millboard decked area was positioned at the opposite end of the garden where the evening sun is the strongest. This second decked area is designated for an outside sofa, which is nestled under an Algarve style pergola. Porcelain tiles were used to create a new patio dining area, conveniently sited near the kitchen. Space was also found for a lawned area, that was reshaped and laid to turf.

The generous garden proportions permitted large planting beds to be sited throughout the garden. The owners were looking for planting with seasonal interest, low maintenance and for medical reasons preferably plants that do not attract bees. Further dressing was achieved with two large pots next to the pergola, enhancing the style and connecting other parts of the garden for a cohesive look and feel.

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