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With a significant gradient, this garden was simply not working for the family of three generations. It lacked interest and functionality, as well as being on a slope. There were two wonderful mature oak trees protected by a TPO (tree protection order) that were to be retained and the garden offered tantalizing potential.

The design immediately addressed the sloped part of the garden, which was the main priority, by the addition of a curved reclaimed stone terraced wall. The lower perimeter of the garden was also terraced by additional retaining concrete, topped by a wooden fence. This permitted two terraced levels to be created to accommodate areas of lawn, large planting beds, a new patio and two further seated areas for the family to enjoy all aspects of the new garden.

Towards the naturally flatter end of the garden, a private secluded circular wooden plinth seating area with a fire pit was created for the adults. The family also wanted to try their hand at growing some herbs and vegetables, with the design incorporating a substantial green-house, three large raised vegetable beds and storage sheds.

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